Baby’s My First Comic Con

I went to Emerald City Comic Con yesterday!  I’ve never been to one before!  I was super nervous but it was fun and overwhelming!  I am definitely going to make a comic about the whole experience, but I wanted to share what I came home with.  

Top photo: Ridiculously beautiful octopus print, sticker and postcard by Erika Moen; tiny Rice Boy charm by Evan Dahm; collaborative doodle by Erika, Evan and Yuko Ota.

Bottom photo: Detail of sketch!  I found Evan’s table first, and he very kindly drew Rice Boy and T.O.E.  Yuko added Rook and Maw, and Erika added… Erika!  THANK YOU ALL! You are all inspirations to me. <3

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  1. nailswheels said: Yo buddy, when I first saw the photo, I thought it was all your stuff; things you describe as “ridiculously beautiful” look like things you make. Keep up the ass-kickin’!
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